Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled Ice Cream Machine | Soft Serve Parts

Heat is the issue here. The refrigeration process freezes the soft serve or removes heat from it. The machine has to do something with that heat. Air-cooled ice cream machines exhaust warm to hot air, while water-cooled ice cream machines pour it down the drain. Most of the ice cream machines we deal with utilize one if not two 9,500 BTU compressors. This means there is a lot of heat to deal with. In locations where space is limited or your air conditioner is already taxed during the summer months, water-cooled equipment is probably the best choice. If your location has an open floor plan and has plenty of cooling, an air-cooled ice cream machine should work just fine. If you are thinking of purchasing multiple units, you should consider water-cooled since more machines also means more heat. If you are still not sure whether you need an air or water-cooled ice cream machine, give us a call and we will help you.