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AirDyne Glycol Systems for Water Cooled Soft Serve Machines

AirDyne's Glycol-Pak is specifically designed to work with soft-serve / frozen yogurt machines.  You will no longer be wasting our natural resources & paying those huge water bills.  With todays frozen yogurt stores having 4 to 8 machines, air cooled machines can over-heat your store and your customers.  Water cooled is much more comfortable and efficient. 

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AirDyne designs the best glycol systems for Taylor

soft-serve & frozen yogurt machines.

Aidyne Glycol-Pak GP3

Orig.: $8,896.00
Sale: $7,116.80

Airdyne Glycol-Pak GP-4

Orig.: $10,303.72
Sale: $7,727.25

Airdyne Glycol-Pak GP-5

Orig.: $14,579.00
Sale: $9,995.00

Airdyne Glycol-Pak GP-6

Orig.: $15,475.98
Sale: $10,995.00

System Design

The Airdyne GLYCOL-PAK: FLUID cooler is a heat exchanger designed to operate with water-cooled dispensing equipment. The hot glycol from the water-cooled condenser is piped to the GLYCOL-PAK fluid cooler, whereby heat is removed from the fluid and rejected into the outside air. The cooled glycol is re-circulated as required by the water-cooled equipment. The system is controlled by a thermostat to shut the fans off at a predetermined temperature on GP-4s and up. Fluid cooler is completely piped and pre-wired for low cost installation in the field.

Benefits of Glycol-Pak

The closed-loop glycol fluid cooling system's benefits are twofold. The yogurt shop's air conditioning load is reduced as the compressor heat is not rejected into the conditioned space. The additional benefit is the dramatic savings in the water usage thus reducing the water and sewer bills. The cooled glycol is re-circulated in a closed loop circuit and never comes into contact with the outside air. There is no need for adding makeup water or the expensive maintenance and chemicals typical of open type cooling systems. 

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